Asset Management

Exceptional investment performance needs to be originated from the professional advice from the Investment Committee formed by outstanding professional investment team. The comprehensive analysis method formed by combination of the “Bottom-Up Investment Approach” and the “Top-Down Investment Approach” allows us to actively manage investment portfolio, select appropriate buy/sell opportunities, enhance investment portfolio value, and avoid unnecessary risks. In addition to the professional investment team, we will also utilize computer program to select stocks, and predict performance using the price trend, greatly enhancing the stock return. Of course, the market will not be escalating forever. When the market has a big drop, we can utilize derivative tools to hedge the portfolio, adjusting the risk and enhancing the return.

There are a number of financial institutions on the market providing financial planning and fund transaction platform. However, we believe that only through thorough market analysis, professional team management, and perfect consulting mechanism, investors not only can reduce the investment risk, but can also optimize return, enjoying fruitful results from the investment.

Through the outstanding tailor-made service, Abundancia Global not only provides direct perceived quantified return and risk, but also we highly value deep-rooted communications with our clients. Based on investment style and risk tolerance of the client, our team experts will tailor-make investment proposal. With regard to professional investors who are skillful on investments, we will brave the wind and the billows with our client hand-in-hand in another new financial high tide, entering into the list of constant winners.