About Us

Abundancia Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“Abundancia Global”) provides one-stop and all-round financial and investment services. In order to meet different client needs, we provide diversified investment products such as global stock, funds, bonds, ETF, etc. Moreover we also tailor make suitable and balanced risk-return investment portfolios for our esteemed clients with the aim of achieving “low risk” and “high return” investment objective. Our investment team can precisely provide “investment and return analysis” for each of our esteemed clients. In order to meet different return and risk requirements for clients of different ages, we make appropriate risk assessment using a detailed client questionnaire. The purpose is to protect the ultimate interest of the client.

Abundancia Global is holding SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) licences. The Company is thus a SFC licensed corporation in Hong Kong.

Company Background

“Hong Kong based, motherland backup, global vision and progress together” is our objective. Our business partner is a fully developed financial service and investment platform in mainland China. With the strong support of our Chinese partner, extensive client network, and our professional investment team, not only we can take our company business to the next level but also we can get hold of different opportunities and trends to continuously take our company business to another peak level.

Our Investment Team

Abundancia Global Investment Team not only possesses abundant asset management experience but also equips themselves with accurate “international perspective”. These capabilities enable us to freely grasp the market pulse and capture every opportunity on the international investment market. We strive to earn lucrative return for our clients and achieve our “low risk” and “high return” investment objective.

Our Competitive Advantage

It takes the favourable time, the suitable place and the right people in every success. With the combination of our strong motherland background, mature investment market in Hong Kong, and our experienced and financially prudent professional fund management team, we can bring our competitive edge into full play. Our service pledge integrates (1) information (big data), (2) talent, and (3) financing. Within the mighty torrents (include Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Bond Connect, etc.) in the investment world, regardless of downstream or upstream, we are still able to discern the opportunities, share each other concern, and follow the trend. Under the confusing investment environment, we strive to provide exceptional services and earn a reasonable profit for our clients.

Our objective and investment philosophy

Regardless of whereabouts of our clients, out investment team will provide our professional services around the clock. We strive to enable our clients to achieve the “low risk” and “high return” investment objective with ease. Through the monthly investment report, analysis and research, our prime mission is to preciously predict and determine the global investment trend. At suitable time, we will make appropriate reallocation to the portfolio, avoiding unnecessary risk and protecting the client asset. This is our ultimate asset management philosophy. In order to enable our clients to earn a reasonable return with ease, an effective investment strategy is vitally important. Our service pledge is that for every effort we put in, we will get ten times harvest for you.